First, I would like to thank everyone's participation. Thank you for all the thoughtful comments and great videos.

We will be releasing the Info-Product Dashboard very soon. To recieve the latest updates via email, make sure to "whitelist" [email protected]
(Specially for AOL, MSN, and Hotmail users.)

Next, to start you all off, here are 7 reasons why you should buy the new
Info-Product Dashboard:

1.  Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, red numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed). 

2.  Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions.  You don't have to try to figure out what's next.  You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3.  No expensive software. You can get the software you need for around USD $100 (not included). Yet, this is NOT sub par software. You can absolutely do the best "top drawer" audios and special effects.

4.  Gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered from the setting up your interview, what questions to ask, how to set up the audio recording, and how to handle the actual interview.

Next comes the product creation part where I show you how to add sound effects, edit out dead space, sweeten up your audio, and how to publish you product both digitally and physically.

Finally, you get down to registering your domain name, getting a good quality web host (for cheap!) and launching info-product.

You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Info-Product Dashboard was created for beginners.  But I've included a few steps for advanced students as well.

6.  Create user friendly download pages: Nothing wrong with "cookie cutter" pages that look like everyone else's. But if you want the "next level up," you'll be surprised at how fast, simple and easy it is to create your own custom download pages once you learn the ropes.

7.  Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots.  I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.


The YouTube video winners are:

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The comments winners are:
Mark Goodwin
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