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Grab ANY Product Over $50 And Get In On the Pimp My Web Site or Wordpress Blog Challenge!

Will Your Web Site Be The One We Transform Using the New "Pimp My Web Site" Challenge?

Dear Customer,

We want to turn your web site (or blog!) into a lean, mean selling machine!

From now until Midnight October 31st (Halloween 2012) we're accepting URL's for the brand new "Pimp My Web Site" challenge, where we take your tired old web site and turn it into a totally tricked out lean mean selling machine!

To get your URL (or blog) submitted to "Pimp My Web Site" all you've got to do is say "yes" to any product of mine priced at $50 or more.

Here's how the "Pimp My Web Site" challenge works:

From all the entries submitted until midnight Oct 31st we'll be pulling ten sites "off the net" to pimp out -- complete with all the latest "web site bling" including a How to re-design your main page, how to install powerful list building plug-ins, eye catching graphic ideas , and...

...the BIGGEST BENEFIT is that I'm gonna tell you how to create a "super powered lift letter" that only 3% of websites have.

These lift letters are absolutely crucial to your profits and we'll be pluggin' one into your web site!

Now I just want to make it clear that the 10 web sites chosen are gonna be the ones that are the most useful and instructive to everyone so I just want to make it clear that this is NOT a random drawing.

We're gonna roll up our sleeves and dig through the web sites submitted to find the ones that need the most help and those are the ones that'll be selected to undergo the pimpin' process!

"Keep That Web Site Nice... and It'll Keep YOU in Ice!"

Imagine how great it would feel to have your web site selected to be one that's gonna be critiqued by Danny "The Black Ninja" designer, Sean "the Pimp PHP programmer" and me -- so you can create a totally tight, lean mean selling machine?

Is Your Web Site Gonna Be the One?

Now obviously we're doing this to give you an extra incentive to take one of our products for a test drive because the ONLY way you can get your URL in is to snag any of my products that sell for $50 or more... But even if your site isn't one of the three selected for "pimp my web site", you're gonna learn tons by hearing our PIMP out a website.

What's more, we're doing this on a WEBINAR so we can mark up the web sites on the screen. You can see and hear exactly what we're talking about.

The pimpin' process ain't for the weak of heart....

Fair Warning: The "Pimp My Web Site" video IS GONNA BE BIG and the pimpin' process ain't for the weak of heart so if you're sensitive about your web site, and don't respond well to criticism, then just listen in but don't submit your web site for pimping.

We'll be recording the entire "pimp my web site" process so even if your URL isn't one of the links selected, you'll see exactly how to clean up, pimp out and trick out YOUR own web site!

After the "pimpin' webinar " is complete you'll be able to download the video and watch it at your leisure.
So even if you're not ready to trick your site out right now with all the latest bling, you'll have the video on hand and what you're gonna see and learn is gonna be the REAL PAY OFF!

But HEY, if it's YOUR website chosen, it's all the better! But even if not, you're still going to learn the secrets and the tricks to pimping out a web site.

Of course, on top of this, you're going to grab for yourself one of my super duper products to boot. So you really can't lose.

To submit your URL to Pimp My Web Site challenge just grab any one of these products over $50.00

After ordering just post your URL to the support desk and we'll confirm your seat on the webinar.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders