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WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 1:
Organization Tips & Ideas
These are some of the techniques I use in order to keep me focused and on track. This way I'm working on the images and files instead of wasting loads of time looking for them.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 2:
Keyword Research
In order to have any long term success with your online marketing, it is important to know at least a little about Keyword research and  how to effectively do it.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 3:
Your Domain Name
In video 3 we talk about ideas to consider when deciding on your domain name. A little thought should go into where you purchase your domain names from so we cover this as well.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 4:
Where Is Your Blog Going To Live
Your blog has to hang its hat to speak..So in video 4 you will learn a bit about web hosting companies and in doing so you will get a better idea as to where you will spend your hosting dollars.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 5:
Connect Your Blog To Your Server
Connecting your blog to your newly acquired hosting account is very simple once you learn the basics. Video 5 will show you the way.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 6:
Setup Your FTP Client
Video 6 will cover the A to Z's of setting up your FTP Client. FTP is one of the basic ways in which you can transfer your files from your computer to your hosting account - or server - or web site or whatever terminology you want to use.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 7:
cPanel Intro
cPanel - in my humble opinion, is the premier control panel for web hosting accounts and in video 7 we will introduce you to, and take a stroll around inside, cPanel.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 8:
Creating SubDomains With cPanel
Once you are familiarized with cPanel we will dive right into creating SubDomains using cPanel. What is a SubDomain and how can it be used in your blogs? Video 8 is here to answer those questions.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 9:
WP Auto Install
Now that we have covered a good chunk of the basics and have a solid groundwork laid out..its time for video 9 where you will learn how to easily and automatically install your WordPress Blog. First-timers, don't blink, you'll miss the entire process.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 10:
MySQL Database Creation
Video 10 will cover some of the more techie stuff in a non-techie way. You will learn how to create a MySQL Database. This knowledge will come in handy for creating certain blogs as well as being used in other online tools - so this is a must see video.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 11:
WP Manual Install
Time to roll up your sleeves and learn to install WordPress the manual way. Video 11 will show you how its done and why it is a good idea to have this know-how even if you can auto-install your blogs while blind-folded.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 12:
WP Versions Upgrade-Manual & Auto Methods
The people at WordPress are constantly updating and improving the software. Video 12 will show you how easy it is to do your own upgrades both manually as well as automatically.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Videos 13-20:
Videos 13 through Video 20 cover in detail, ways to add layers of armored-plated security to your WordPress blogs.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 21:
Clean & Customize
Now that we have WordPress installed and tightly secured, its time to clean things up a bit and video 21 will also show you how you can customize your WordPress blog layout.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 22:
Themes-Intro & Install
One of the fantabulous things about WordPress is the ability to quickly change the look of your entire blog in mere seconds. Video 22 will introduce you to the WordPress Themes and how you can change yours with ease.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 23:
Video 23 will introduce you to another awesome feature of WordPress. The ability to add extra functionality to your WordPress blog with just a few clicks of your mouse button. This is done through Plugins.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 24:
In video 24 you will learn a few different methods to install your WordPress plugins.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 25:
Config Akismet
The next several videos will show-case various plugins and how to configure them. This video - video 25, will show you how to configure Akismet. This plugin is a major spam-eater so this is one of the important ones to have.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 26:
Config All In One SEO
Video 26 will show you how to configure the All-In-One-SEO plugin so you are able to squeeze as much SEO juice from your blog as possible. This is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress and for good reason. This is another in the 'must have' department.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 27:
Config Traffic SEO
One of my favorite plugins is from one of the coolest & smartest guys in online marketing - Jeff Johnson and his website. The plugin is called Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and when you have it setup properly, it does exactly as the name implies. It helps drive in free search engine traffic like no other.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 28:
Config Contact Form
Video 28 will walk you through the process of configuring the Contact Form plugin as well as a couple things you might want to consider when setting up your contact form.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 29:
Config Google Analytics
Knowing what goes on behind the curtains of your blog is a must! Video 29 is a must see tutorial because it shows you how to configure the Google Analytics plugin.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 30:
Auto Posting
With video 30, you will learn how important auto-posting plugins will be for you, if you plan on creating a blogging empire of several blogs.Auto posting plugins are also a life-saver when you have little or no time to get your regular manual post added. Automation can be a good thing.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 31:
Create New Posts
Now that you are knowledgeable of auto-posting Video 31 will go old-school & will touch on a few ways you are able to manually create new posts for your WordPress blog
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 32:
Create New Pages
In video 32 you will learn about creating new Pages. How they relate to your navigation menus, how to password protect your new pages and so much more.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 33:
Add New Users
Video 33 will talk about safely adding new Users to your blog as well as the many different 'levels or roles' each of your Users can have and what those roles can do.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 34:
What Is A Widget
Like plugins and themes, Widgets are just another module that can add a whole new layer of coolness and functionality to your WordPress blog. Video 34 will do the introduction.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Video 35:
Backups-Auto & Manual
Video 35 will cover one of the most important tasks you have regarding your WordPress blog..Your backups. In this video you will learn how to both automatically and manually do complete backups. A definite must see.

The 4 videos below were created to cover the major changes are found in the WordPress Version 3.x

WordPress Video Manual CD Image Running Time 4:59
WP 3.x
How To Upgrade To WP 3.0
In this video we will cover the upgrading process to WP 3.0
It will take longer to show you than it will take to actually do it but I want to cover with you some important tasks to consider before you hit the upgrade button.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Running Time 10:15
WP 3.x
How To Customize The Menus
This video is the second of several videos on the 3.0 version of WordPress. You will learn how to customize your navigation menus. The awesome minds at WordPress have added some pretty cool options for us with this customizing function.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Running Time 7:58
WP 3.x
How To Customize The Theme
In this video you will learn how to customize the header image and the background of the default theme called twentyten. This new default theme is - in my humble opinion - a far cry better than the previous Kubrick theme & this video will showcase a couple of the reasons why.
WordPress Video Manual CD Image Running Time 9:11
WP 3.x
How To Enable The Multi-Site Feature
This is one of my favorite new features of WordPress 3.x. In this video you will learn how to enable the ability to house many different blogs under just one WordPress installation. This can be a little tricky but I show you step-by-step so you will not get lost.

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